Post Covid Syndrome Rehabilitation

NS5104 | Post Covid Syndrome Rehabilitation

Long Covid Rehabilitation
Now identified as Post Covid Syndrome Rehabilitation

Post Covid Syndrome rehabilitation module (Level 9, 10 ECTS) is being offered in collaboration with subject experts from Acute and Community medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

There is currently limited evidence on this topic in Ireland. However, in the UK, Post Covid Syndrome is defined as having symptoms acquired from infection of Covid-19 virus for more than 12 weeks after initial infection (Nice, 2021). It is estimated that 1:10 patients infected with Covid-19 results in Post Covid Symptoms and estimated to be 10 million people globally (WHO, 2021).

The rationale for the development of this course module is as a result of the profound range of residual symptoms experienced by patients who have been infected with the Covid-19 virus. The range of symptoms varies from mild to severe/chronic. The biological systems affected appear to be emerging as patients recover and are discharged. Some of the systems we are aware of include cardiorespiratory, glucometabolic, neuropsychiatric, immunological, renal, ENT, gastrointestinal (nutrition) and several other symptoms as they unfold. The management of the impact of this disease is further compounded by the postponed and delayed waiting lists that exist as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. We are aware that with most diseases, early diagnosis and intervention results in the best outcomes for patients. In offering disease information related symptoms and management to a broad range of healthcare professionals and other non-healthcare participants, we will enable our clinicians to identify, treat/refer as soon as possible to reduce the chronic disease burden for our population. This will also allow non-healthcare participants to become familiar with symptom management.

Colleagues in existing positions of expertise related to the conditions associated with Post Covid symptoms/management will develop and deliver the course that will inform and direct the management of care for this new illness, seen as a residual ailment from infection with the Covid-19 virus.

It is anticipated that, with this knowledge and skills, the attendees at the course will be enabled to establish clinics and pathways in interdisciplinary teams to identify and intervene at the earliest point. Non-healthcare participants will gain information to make informed decisions and self-manage the condition accessing assistance when required. Utilising the Sláintecare principles of lowest complexity of care as near to home as possible, patients will receive up-to-date care and attention in response to these specific needs through vertical and horizontal integrated pathways.

This will improve the scope of practice of all attendees attending the course. The module will respond to a National Health Service requiring a proactive approach to care and management. . Part of the course will include data collection to quantify the extent of the disease during the post Covid-19 infection stage. It is
anticipated that delivery of this module will be blended and mostly using webinars for information sharing.

Therefore, this module will be offered nationally and through blended learning.

The cost of the module is €1,050.  The deadline for applications is 5pm, Friday, 24th November, 2023