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Professional Development Modules

At the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health, a variety of contemporary practice focused modules have been developed to respond to the educational needs of nurses and other healthcare professionals. Some are in partnership with healthcare institutions, the HSE and both statutory and voluntary sector organisations.

We use a variety of teaching and assessment methods to ensure these modules are an enjoyable educational experience for participants. All are supported by our online learning environment Loop which facilitates student learning during modules.

These modules are available nationally or within DCU and can run specifically for services on request.

The School welcomes the opportunity to develop new modules that address the ever-changing education needs of the health care sector.


  • Surgical Skills for Healthcare Practitioners
  • Informatics in eHealth
    • NS5058
      • applications closed
  • Teaching and Assessing in Healthcare Practice
    • NS4543
      • this module will NOT run until Academic year 2021/2022
  • Dermatology Treatments and Therapies
    • NS5102
      • this module will NOT run until Academic year 2021/2022. 
  • Chronic Skin Conditions
    • NS5077
      • this module will NOT run until Academic year 2021/2022.
  • Personal Centred Dementia Care
    • NS466 (level 8)
      • this module will NOT run in Semester 1 2020/2021

  • Personal Centred Approaches to Dementia Care
    • NS568 (level 9)
      • this module will NOT run in Semester 1 2020/2021

Delivered at Temple Street Children's University Hospital in collaboration with DCU

No modules will be run in the next academic year 2020/2021 in conjunction with Temple Street. We will update again early in 2021.

  • Care of Children with Renal Disease
    • NS443
  • Nursing the Child with Airway Dysfunction
    • NS465
  • Care of Children & Adolescents with Diabetes
    • NS485
  • Children's Neuroscience Care
    • NS486
  • Humanistic Approaches: Theory and Practice
    • NS5025
  • Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches: Theory and Practice
    • NS584
  • Integrative Psychotherapy
    • NS582
  • Psychodynamic Approaches: Theory and Practice
    • NS572
  • Systemic Approaches: Theory and Practice
    • NS585
  • Research Inquiry: An Introduction to Psychotherapy Research
    • NS587
  • Couples Therapy - An Integrative Approach
    • NS5017
  • Psychosexual Integrative Practice
    • NS5036
  • Professional Supervision Practice
    • NS622
      • available as a standalone module to current DCU Doctorate in Psychotherapy students only.
      • Details of a Professional Diploma in Clinical Supervision (comprising of NS620 and NS622) can be found here.

Delivered in DCU in collaboration with the Dublin Region Homeless Agency (DRHA)

  • Effective Management in Homeless Services
    • NS462

    Module descriptors are available here


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