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Postgraduate Research Support Page

Welcome to the Postgraduate Research Support Page in the School of Nursing Psychotherapy and Community Health.  

Considering a post graduate programme?

We would be happy to introduce you to our academic team who are passionate about advancing research ideas across a broad range of topics. We have an excellent selection of Research centres within DCU including the Healthy Living Centre & CEIC

Our Research 

Interested in linking up with an expert on your chosen topic of interest? 

Our core research strengths and strategic plans including our recent newsletters and publications are available to view on our research page. This page also provides access to finding an expert in our school on a topic you may be interested in . Click here

What We Offer 

We currently offer a strong support service to our post graduate community both nationally and internationally. Whether you’re considering a post graduate programme of study that is full or part time, we are interested in exploring with you the different options and tailoring the best approach to suit your needs.

For example,  if you’re based overseas wishing to complete some of your studies in your home country, remote access may suit you best or alternatively you may wish to complete your studies full time and you can avail of our state of the art facilities joining our existing 47 post graduate team of researchers already based in our school. 

For more information on what DCU has to offer see the DCU’s Post Graduate Support Pages  which provide a comprehensive set of both academic and social supports which you can avail of 

We are happy to informally explore with you the next steps in considering your options and matching you with a potential supervisor from our school staff team just drop us an email and we will be in touch at a time that works for you.

The SPNCH offers PhD studentships annually. The call opens in January and closes in July of each respective year.

For more information in relation to applying for a PhD or Masters by research contact the research support officer in the school.