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Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

DCU recognises that involvement in sport and recreational activity is an integral part of the academic experience and can contribute immensely to an individual's personal growth and development beyond the academic realms. The skills gained from involvement in sport range from simply learning new skills, effectively running and developing a sports club, fundraising, event management, fulfilling personal and team achievements to developing sporting excellence, and ultimately contribute to graduates with healthy bodies and healthy minds.

DCU Sport aims to develop sport for students but also to develop students through sport. The Senior Sports Development Officer works closely with the Clubs & Socs Office to drive and co-ordinate leadership and training initiatives for student leaders. Both Offices also work closely with key personnel in DCU to ensure that students are rewarded and recognised for their contributions to sport and extracurricular life at DCU. DCU's training, reward and recognition initiatives include:


Club & Society Leaders Training


Club and Society Leaders Training is a training & development programme for emerging student leaders in Dublin City University. We recognise that the skills and competencies gained through involvement in club, societies, Students’ Union and volunteering are an integral part of the student experience and can give you the essential skills to develop your club or society as well as the employability skills that employers want! The Leaders Training ptogramme aims to provide a framework where you can learn and develop as you run your clubs and societies, through development days, training, workshops and resources. The programme is supported by the DCU Sport.

As a club or society leader you will have access to many exciting and challenging activities to develop your leadership skills. Your leadership journey start here!

The current programme and recordings of past workshops is available HERE.

 High Performance Education Talks and Workshops


We offer workshops for Sport Scholarship athletes on time management, skill development, strength and conditioning and nutrition.

Reward & Recognition

You work hard developing your Clubs & Socs.You put in endless hours organising events, balancing the books, planning trips, designing posters and much more. We value the hard work that you do developing Clubs & Socs, and the buzz and excitement that your activities make to life in DCU. Here are some of the ways that we recognize and reward your hard work!

 DCU Sports Awards

The DCU Sports Awards are the highlight of the sporting calendar. The Awards are held every April and celebrate your sporting successes and also your hard work running your sports clubs throughout the year. Awards range from individual, team and clubs awards for club development and sports achievement.

 Engage Award


The DCU Engage Award formally recognises student engagement with university life and civic society. It provides you with a clear and structured approach to self-development and achievement outside of the formal curriculum. This is a great way to make the most out of your university experience and get to meet new people.

Through participation in the Award, you will develop personal and professional skills, gain confidence, enrich your University experience and boost your career prospects. This experience will not only stand to you during your years with us in DCU but also play a huge role in the future direction your life will take when you graduate. 

There are three level of Engage Award - Bronze, Silver and Gold (Uaneen Award).  For more information on the DCU Engage Award click HERE.


Uaneen Module 


The Uaneen Module is a unique scheme that formally recognises the work done and learning acquired by students with University and outside clubs, societies, and community work and extra-curricular activity in general. DCU is the first third level institution in the Republic of Ireland to reward extracurricular activity in such a manner.

Depending on your degree programme, the Uaneen Award can be either a contributing 5 credit elective (UM404) or a non-contributing optional additional 5 credit module (UM405).  The module will be offered to you in final year through your Student Portal page at registration.

For more information click HERE.


Clubs & Societies Awards 


Award Categories


Individual Award for Club development

This award is for those that have demonstrated a commitment and dedication to the administration and development of their sports club and/or shown commitment through their performances while representing the university. Each club can nominate a maximum of 3 students in either category.


Individual Award for Sporting Excellence

This is the highest level of award given available to sports club members. Only final year students can qualify for the Individual Award for Sporting Excellence. These students must have demonstrated a high level of performance and dedication to their club throughout their time at university or gained national or international honours.


Award for Excellence in Coaching

Open to paid and volunteer coaches that have displayed evidence of supporting increase/sustained participation, evidence of improving performers and /or team, contribution to the wider community, involvement in external events, current coaching qualifications and additional personal development undertaken and mentoring and developing other coaches.


Award for Staff Contribution to Sport in DCU

Recognition of DCU Staff members that have made an invaluable contribution to the development of sport in DCU. Nominees should display evidence of leadership and dedication to sport, contribution to the wider development of sport at DCU, new initiatives and going 'beyond the call of duty' or doing 'Over and above' the norm.


Most Promising Fresher – Male & Female

Recognition of a Male & Female 1st year student that has displayed an outstanding commitment and exceptional service to a DCU Sports Club. Each club can nominate 1 Male and 1 Female Fresher.


Marketing & Communications of the Year

This award is for the Sports Club that has shown the most vision, insight and drive for excellence in marketing and communications that helped their club triumph over others and stand out from the rest. From promo materials, websites, freebies, social networking, events etc, this award acknowledges the efforts made and success achieved through communicating and marketing the strengths of your club to your members and beyond.


Sports Scholar of the Year

Clubs do not nominate for this award as the nominees are selected by the Sports Development Service and Sports Academy. This award recognises a Sport Scholarship athlete that has achieved excellence in sport while demonstrating academic progression, gained other awards or honours and contributed to the development of the DCU Sports Club in their sport.


Most Promising Club

Recognition of a club that has demonstrated significant improvement in Club Organisation, Participation, Managing Finances, Club Promotion, Club Development, Competitive & Non-Competitive Achievements and Community Engagement.


Team of the Year

Recognition of sporting achievement and performance at club, regional, national or international level and/or other awards, honors or achievements.


Club of the Year

The Sports Club that have demonstrated significant development and achievement in Club Organisation, Participation, Managing Finances, Club Promotion, Club Development, Competitive & Non-Competitive Achievements and Community Engagement. Nomination form is available here.


Sports Personality of the Year

Awarded to the individual with the most notable achievement in sport. Clubs do not nominate for this award as the winner will be selected by the Judging panel from all the individual award nominations.


Student Sport Ireland Event of the Year Award & Leadership Award

Click here for more information: http://www.studentsport.ie/?p=15784