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Skills Development Through Sport

DCU Sport recognises that involvement in sport and recreational activity is an integral part of the academic experience and can contribute immensely to an individual's personal growth and development beyond the academic realms. The skills gained from involvement in sport range from simply learning new skills, effectively running and developing a sports club, fundraising, event management, fulfilling personal and team achievements to developing sporting excellence, and ultimately contribute to developing key graduate attributes in students with healthy bodies and healthy minds.

DCU Sport works closely with the Office of Student Life and key personnel in DCU to drive and co-ordinate volunteering opportunities for students. We strive to ensure that a wide range of opportunities are available for students so that they can gain the necessary skills to effectively develop their sport and also that they are rewarded and recognised for their contributions to volunteering, sport and student life at DCU.

Make your CV Stand out from the crowd!

We recognise that involvement in sport is an essential part of your DCU experience. Sport can also have a major impact on your personal and professional development beyond the classroom. The benefits from involvement in sport range from learning new skills, running and developing a sports club, fundraising, event management, teamwork, leadership, meeting people and having fun! Through sport you can maintain both a healthy body and a healthy mind while developing your key DCU Graduate Attributes! We will ensure that a wide range of developmental opportunities are available for you and that you are recognised and rewarded for your hard work and contributions to sport and student life at DCU. Opportunities for volunteering listed below.  For more information on getting involved as as student volunteer email sports-wellbeing@dcu.ie


Volunteer Opportunities


 DCU Sports Clubs


All DCU Sports Clubs are student-run and student-led. Each club elects a Chairperson, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Ordinary member each year. Getting involved in the running of a DCU Club is a great way to volunteer while also being involved in activities that you love. You will gain many skills that you can add to your CV such as teamwork, marketing, negotiation, decision making, and verbal and written communication skills, finance, marketing etc. You can also volunteer at an event or as a Coach or Official. A full list of Sports Clubs is available on our website!

 DCU Club Life Committee (CLC)



DCU Club Life Committee develops Sports Clubs at DCU. They help you out financially, act as reps to advise you and are there when things go wrong. Each committee has seven elected students and two staff members that share your drive and passion to be the best. They are YOUR VOICE for Clubs in DCU. So get involved on the CLC and you can make decisions about the policies, funding and future of DCU sports clubs!

 ACTIVE DCU Ambassadors


Are you interested in running a sports league or activity on campus? DCU Sports Ambassadors are volunteers that run initiatives on campus to encourage students to get involved in sport for fun and fitness. Sports Ambassadors do everything from running the events, marketing, promotion, coaching, league tables etc. You will be required to work up to 3 hours per week. If you are interested in getting involved, send an e-mail to sports-wellbeing@dcu.ie

 Sports Journalists & Photographers



We have media and communications opportunities that will put you at the heart of the DCU sports action! You can play a key role in ensuring that students and staff are aware of events and sporting opportunities, and also promoting university sporting success stories. If you are a budding photographer or journalist we want you!