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Focus Sports

DCU has identified five focus sports and is committed to providing high performance sporting opportunities and competition for student athletes in these sports, and supporting them to reach both their sporting and academic potential.  DCU has a strong profile and track record at intervarsity, regional and national level, as well as top class sports facilities in these sports.

DCU's focus sports include Athletics, Basketball, GAA Sports, Soccer and Rugby.

Through the focus sports and performance sport programmes, DCU is dedicated to providing talented sports people with the opportunity to achieve sustained levels of excellence in performance sport and attain a prestigious university degree.  DCU strives to ensure that students achieve both their academic goal and athletic dreams through world class coaching, state of art facilities, supports, services and study flexibility. Under this model DCU is preparing gifted and talented young people not just to excel on the sports field but also to acquire the qualifications that will equip them for successful lives after their sports careers are over.

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