Open days

Open days

Prior to the day:
  Do I need to book for an open day?

Yes we would ask you to register for our open days to allow us to plan the day most effectively. You can pre book a place by clicking on to our open day pages. Once you pre register there is no need to check in on the day itself. 

If you are a teacher bringing a school group we would ask you to do the same. You can email us on for any further help needed.

  I can't attend any open days, what else can I do?

We always try to accommodate people at a time that is convenient for them. You can get in touch with us on and we would be happy to arrange a tour with a student ambassador. 

Alternatively we will be recording online course presentations and uploading them to our CAO Hub. Some of the previous recordings from early 2021 can be found here

Please note: Under 18 year olds need to be accompanied by an adult for individual tours  

  How do I get to DCU?

To get to any of our campuses you can click here for all the transport information you need. There are several ways to travel to DCU by car, public transport or bike. 

  Can I bring other people with me?

Yes everyone is welcome to DCU. We would just ask the prospective student to register to allow us to plan the day most effectively and to keep in touch about any relevant information.

 On the day:
  What do I need to do when I arrive?

Prior to the event please view and download the Open Day guide to familiarise yourself with what you want to see and do.  Some tips to help you make the most of the day:

Tip 1: Pick up your open day welcome bag at any of our information points. It includes a guide of what is going on, a prospectus, and some goodies!

Tip 2:  Make your way to the course stands to talk to lecturers and students

Tip 3: Attend some course talks (Please note some talks can be very busy so give yourself plenty of time)

Tip 4: Join a campus tour to see the campus in detail

Tip 5: Ask some questions. DCU staff and students would be delighted to help you on the day with anything

  Do I have to arrive at a certain time for an open day?

Our Open Day guides will give you a complete breakdown of what's going on. You can come at any time during the times advertised. Please be aware that subject talks and tours talk place at different times so you should plan your day according to what information you hope to get and what you want to see.

You can attend as many subject talks as you like on the day. The length of the talks can vary so please allow sufficient time in your day to get to everything you have planned. 

  What open days do you hold?

DCU holds a number of different open days throughout the year, with different open days being held on different campuses.

November Open day: Our Glasnevin campus is open to see Friday, while our St Patricks campus and All Hallows campus is fully open Saturday. (Some campus tours only will take place on Friday on the St Patricks and All Hallows campus)

Spring Open day: This will take place on our Glasnevin and St Patricks campus

TY Open day: This will take place on our Glasnevin campus

June Open day: This will take place on our Glasnevin campus 

  I want to talk to a number of departments such as Finance and Sports. Will they be there and will I have enough time?

At our November open days all faculties and department staff (sports, access, disability, mature, finance, student support, accommodation) will be available for the day so you will have plenty of time to ask them all the questions you need.

  Is parking available and how do I get to DCU?

Parking is available on both the Glasnevin (Multi story car park) and St Patricks campuses. However parking places are limited depending on the time of day you arrive so please plan accordingly.  

  I would like to talk to some current students, will there be any there?

By talking to a current student it can really give you a unique insight into what it's actually like to be a student and what a particular course is all about. At our open days in November we will have over 150 currents students working throughout the day for example. Some will be at faculty stands, some will be at subject talks and some will be just around the campus. They will be wearing a "Can I help" top so feel free to ask them any questions you have.

  Is there food and drink available on the day?

Our DCU campuses have a number of options. You can choose from any of our canteens, cafes, salad bar or Londis shop. Please note that many of the facilities on campus now take payment by card only.