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Fiona Reynolds: Head of Student Recruitment
Fiona Reynolds

I have overall responsibility for managing the EU and Non-EU recruitment teams, and for providing the strategic direction for recruitment planning and student recruitment strategy.

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Margaret Brierty: Student Recruitment Officer
Margaret Brierty

01 700 7183

I've had a long and varied career before I started working at the University in 2006, where I worked in the Admissions Office and promoted courses offered at St Patrick's College. 

In 2015 I moved to the Glasnevin campus to become a member of the Student Recruitment Team. I very much enjoy visiting schools, attending career events and talking with students and their parents/guardians about the opportunities DCU has to offer, potentially transforming their lives and our societies so that they engage in a positive way with the wider world.

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Colette O'Beirne: Senior Student Recruitment Officer
Colette O'Beirne

01 700 8510

Hi everyone, I’m delighted to introduce myself to you as both a past student and Student Recruitment Officer of DCU. I can share my experience with you from both perspectives and more importantly provide you with the information that you need to help you in your decision making. I look forward to visiting your school or meeting you at one of our many open days throughout the year.

Sinead McCrohan
Sinead McCrohan: Student Recruitment Officer
Sinead McCrohan 

01 700 5050

Hi, I'm Sinead. I love being part of the Student Recruitment Team in DCU. I'm a graduate of the university and I really enjoy telling prospective students about the opportunities that can come from studying in such a fun, accepting and freeing university. My favourite part of the job is working at our Open Days and taking to the road to visit students in schools across the country. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Anthony Maude: Student Recruitment Officer
Anthony Maude

01 700 7182

I joined the team in March 2021. In the past I’ve worked for several small companies in sales and business development, and subsequently for British universities in areas including student recruitment, student administration, and IT project management. Within DCU I meet with prospective students and schools in Ireland and across Europe.

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Paul Hegarty: Student Recruitment Officer
Paul Hegarty

01 700 8145

As a DCU Digital Marketing graduate, I help prospective students discover all about the University. I enjoy helping students choose the right course that will unleash their potential at DCU.

Jennifer Magee Student Recruitment
Jennifer Magee: Social Media and Communications Editor
Jennifer Magee

As a DCU Communications Graduate, it’s great to share my knowledge and love for DCU with prospective students on our social media platforms. There is so much that can be achieved when you begin your journey at DCU, and being able to help direct people and subsequently highlight their achievements is something I love about the role. My favourite part of the role is working the events such as Open Day; meeting the future of DCU and encouraging them to take the next steps. If you have any questions, make sure you contact us on our Team DCU platforms!

Georgina Buffini
Georgina Buffini: Student Recruitment Officer
Georgina Buffini

I am delighted to be part of the Student Recruitment team! My background is in community development and I love helping students identify which of our fantastic courses are of interest to them. DCU offers many opportunities to personally and professionally develop. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our school visits and fun open days.

Martin Kelly: Postgraduate Recruitment Officer
Martin Kelly: Student Recruitment Officer





Martin Kelly 

I am delighted to be part of the DCU student recruitment team as our postgraduate recruitment officer. My background has been primarily focused in the financial services industry to date and I am thrilled to now be in the higher education sector. My favourite part of my role is meeting and advising prospective postgraduate students on what course best fits them on a personal level and can help them succeed with their career ambitions. If you have any questions on all things postgraduate please do not hesitate to contact me.

Name Campus Role Room Number Phone Number
Paul Hegarty Glasnevin Campus Student Recruitment Officer B103B, Invent Building 01 700 8145
Fiona Reynolds Glasnevin Campus Head of Student Recruitment Invent Building 01 700 -
Colette O'Beirne Glasnevin Campus Senior Student Recruitment Officer B103B, Invent Building 01 700 8510
Margaret Brierty Glasnevin Campus Student Recruitment Officer B103B, Invent Building 01 700 7183
Sinead McCrohan Glasnevin Campus Student Recruitment Officer B103B, Invent Building 01 700 5050
Anthony Maude Glasnevin Campus Student Recruitment Officer B103B, Invent Building 01 700 7182