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Week 7, and it's important to keep the motivation going and the eye on that goal! This week, we are featuring our Pathways to Success programme. This programme has helped hundreds of students reach their goals and realise dreams that they thought were simply not possible. Offered by Life Coaches, the programme focuses on motivation, confidence, goal-setting and resilience.

It's a 4 week programme where you will meet like-minded students and really benefit from the interaction with other students.


 Event                                                         Date                  Time                        Link

How to Handle Assessment Centres         02/03/21           13:00 - 13:50             Register here
(Career and Workplace Skills series)

'Improve Sleep from A to Zzzzz'                 
02/03/21           13:15 - 13:45             Register here

Pathways to Success (Wk 4)                      02/03/21           17:00 - 18:00                Click here
'Growing Your Strengths' 

Afternoon Mass from the Inter                   02/03/21           13:00 - 13:30           Live Steam here
Faith centre (live stream)                            
Emotonal Wellbeing: Low Mood                03/02/21            13:00 - 14:00            Register here 
(Session One)    

Free Yoga Classes - S2 Series                   03/02/21            12:05 - 12:55            Register here
(organised by the CLC & SLC) 

Effective Learning Skills (Wk 2)                 04/03/21            13:00 - 14:00            Register here

Pathways to Success (Wk 4)                      04/03/21            13:00 - 14:00               Click here
'Growing Your Strengths' 

'Running for Beginners'                              04/02/21            13:15 - 13:45            Register here
- Staying injury free and more'

ICOS Information Session for                     08/03/21             17:30 - 18:30              Click here
International Students

For details on upcoming online events, check out the My DCU Events Calendar on Loop!
Pathways to Success is a 4 week coaching programme that will enable you to build your resilience and self-confidence, set goals and create a strategy for success. It's a great opportunity to explore what you want from your life.

Over the four weeks, our certified life coaches will introduce you to practical tools and strategies, which will help you build the skills you need to reach your goals. They will also share tips and strategies for maintaining your motivation.

A new Pathways to Success programme starts next week (choose from either Tuesday lunchtime or Thursday evening sessions). Get full details here!

Interested in hearing what past participants have to say about the programme? Read our Q&A with DCU student Ruth in the spotlight section below!
Want to increase your motivation? Watch the short video below from the team behind Pathways to Success, which gives 3 simple tips for re-motivating yourself.
For more life skill resources like this one, visit DEVELOP on Loop.
Student Q&A on 'Pathways to Success'
Ruth is a DCU Connected student. She is currently studying Humanities while working full-time. Ruth recently completed the Pathways to Success Programme and she shared her experience with us, including how programme impacted her professional life. Here's what she had to say...
Why did you decide to do the Pathways to Success Programme?
I enrolled in the Pathways to Success program to learn how to stay motivated, focused and organised. 

What skills did you gain from completing this programme?
In week 1, we were introduced to the Action Planning Tool and I found it really useful for setting out plans. In week 2, we explored goal attainment and were introduced to the S.M.A.R.T. goals technique. I’ve continued to use the S.M.A.R.T goals technique, particularly for assignments in my course. Having this technique, it’s now easier for me to think about projects realistically before I start them. It also makes it easier for me to stay focused and to recognise my achievements along the way.
How has the course benefited you?
I continue to use the techniques I learned in the course and planning future projects is not so daunting to me now. I was surprised to find that the program was not only applicable to my university degree but also to my professional life. I have been using the Action Planning and S.M.A.R.T. goals in my job and have found that the tools have made a huge difference to how I work. Since completing this program, the areas I have really improved on, in both in my studies and in my professional life, are planning, focusing and staying motivated. 

Would you recommend Pathways to Success to other students?
Yes definitely. By the end of the four weeks I felt really empowered by what I had learned. The skills you learn in this program are transferable and will be really helpful if, like me, you struggle with planning and organising your workload. Also, it was really nice to connect with other students in a relaxed yet structured setting! If you do this course, I promise you, you will take at least one technique from each week and will find it helpful. 

A new Pathways to Success programme starts next week. Register here. 
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