Book a Campus Tour (11th to 15th September) PG Students

Thursday 14 September 2023
10:00 ~ 16:00
DCU Ambassador Team
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DC501, DC508, DC510, DC511, DC514, DC516, DC521, DC526, DC527, DC534, DC557, DC600, DC604, DC605, DC606, DC607, DC608, DC609, DC614, DC615, DC625, DC627, DC629, DC630, DC631, DC632, DC642, DC648, DC649, DC661, DC662, DC663, DC669, DC674, DC676, DC677, DC678, DC679, DC686, DC687, DC688, DC689, DC693, DC694, DC696, DC699, DC700, DC702, DC704, DC715, DC732, DC734, DC735, DC739, DC740

A campus tour with our ambassador team is a great way to get to know DCU, and one of our most popular features during Orientation. The tours take the same route but start at different information points.

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Choose from the options below. If one location is booked up, use the other. 


The Restaurant, GLA
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The U Building, GLA
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St Patricks

F Block, SPC
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Important: You will need to go to your preferred location 10 minutes before the tour starts so you can be checked in.

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