Clubs and Socs Fair (2days)

Orientation - Fun Event
Wednesday 20 September 2023
10:00 ~ 16:00
Student Union
Glasnevin Campus
The Plaza & U-Building
DC742, DC743, DC746, DC761, DC762, DC765, DC766, DC767, DC768, DC771, DC776, DC777, DC784, DC785, DC786, DC787, DC808, DC809, DC812, DC814, DC816, DC830, DC836, DC837, DC838, DC847, DC869, DC870, DC871, DC879, DC883, DC884, DC896, DC900, DC902, DC906, DC921, DC951, DC957, DC979, DC980, DC981, DC983, DC984, DC996, DCD44, PGR

DCU has over 140 clubs and societies on offer.

Pop down to the sign up and showcase fair to see if there's something for you!

If there's not, let one of our staff know and we can help you set up your own!

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