Important Information

Monday 25 September 2023
DCU Institute of Education
Programme Orientation Banner

BEd TEG students will be registered as students in both DCU and TUS from the beginning of the programme, and will be based in TUS Athlone campus for the first 2 years. You should first go through the DCU registration process. Shortly after this DCU will share details with TUS, and you will receive information from TUS about how to register as a TUS student, and information about orientation and your timetable. 

A dedicated orientation day for 1st year BEd TEG students will take place in TUS Athlone campus during the week of September 18th. You will receive more information about this via email in advance. We remind you to check both your DCU and TUS email addresses.

During semester 1 you will get a chance to visit the DCU campuses and to get a tour of the facilities. 

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