Mandatory Active*Consent Webinar (Humanities & Soc. Sciences)

Thursday 14 September 2023
11:00 ~ 11:30
DCU Care & Connect
Webinar (Registration Required)
DC014, DC009, DC291, DC292, DC293, DC295, DC294, DC238, DC118, DC131, DC132, DC133, DC155, DC189, DC230, DC231, DC232, DC300, DC342, HMSAO HMSA
Orientation - Care & Connect Event

Consent is for everyone

Join us for an interactive discussion on what consent really means and leave with greater knowledge and a training certificate for your CV. (Attendee cameras and mics are disabled).

Please attend a consent workshop that is relevant to your faculty. Part-time and postgraduate students are advised to attend the workshop of their faculty that suits them best. If you miss your scheduled session, please attend the next session scheduled even if it is not for your faculty.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (all programmes)

  • All Undergraduate programmes

  • All Postgraduate programmes

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