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Members of DCU Ability team

DCU Ability team

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photo of Deirdre Corby

Project Lead

Deirdre Corby

Hello! My name is Deirdre.
I am the Project Lead for DCU Ability.
I also work as an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing.
I manage the DCU Ability team and give advice about the project.
I am in charge of research for the project. 
I like to meet learners and I teach Manual Handling on the course.
photo of Ger Scanlon

Project Lead

Ger Scanlon

Hello! My name is Ger.
I am a Project Lead for DCU Ability.
I also work as an Assistant Professor in Psychology and Education in the School of Human Development.
I have done lots of research and work with adults with disabilities who are moving from education and training into employment.
I have worked with an organisation called WALK to make reports about helping young people to make the transition to work.
Photo of Schira Reddy

Careers Advisor

Schira Reddy

Hello! My name is Schira.
I am a Careers Advisor.
I support people who want to work.
I talk to students about work they want to do.
I support students to get work experience in DCU.
I support students to find out about work near their home.
photo of Mary Petrie


Mary Petrie

Hello! My name is Mary.
I am a tutor on the DCU Ability course.
I run sessions in the classroom and online for students who come on our course.
I support students to learn more about work.
I try to make all of our learning at DCU fun.
photo of Iara Synnott

Senior Occupational Therapist

Iara Synnott

Hello, My name is Iara.
I am the Occupational Therapist on the DCU Ability Project.
I support people with activities they need and want to do.
I help students to talk about things they are good at.
I also support students with activities that can help them to experience work.