Access Ambassadors

Each year, the Access service recruits a team of Access student ambassadors who came to DCU through the HEAR scheme.

The main motivation for students to become ambassadors is to support their younger peers by sharing their own experience transitioning to university. They are also a source of inspiration for any young person from disadvantaged backgrounds considering college as an option.

The Access service could not operate its outreach programme without its ambassadors.

In March 2022, DCU Access recruited 25 new ambassadors who will be trained to deliver a range of outreach programmes in our linked school.


Access Ambassadors on steps of U

Access Ambassadors

The involvement of ambassadors in our activities also gives them opportunities to gain confidence and develop their leadership and presentation skills. 

What Ambassadors Said...

School talk on campus

"Being an ambassador allowed me to greatly develop my public speaking skills and confidence"

Female Student ambassador talking to three female students at DCU Open day

"It has made me even more passionate about accessible education and from meeting many students, relieved that so many do have an interest in going to University"

Access Officer Laurence Van der Haegen taken a photo with 3 female student ambassadors and coworker

"I have gotten better at managing my time. and being able to read the crowd and cater to my talks to those in attendance"



Student ambassadors outside the U

"It allows me to be the support system many don't have in their lives, especially if they have come from a disadvantaged background like I had. I know how hard it was to break out of the generational cycles and now I want to show others it is possible with the supports we can offer"

Do check out our podcast series DCU Access student stories and listen to our Access students sharing their journey to college, the barriers they overcame and the support they received on their way to and throughout university.


If you are a DCU Access student and would like to learn more or get involved as an Access Ambassador, please contact Laurence, our outreach officer, at