Academic Wellbeing

If you need a hand learning how to learn better, how to study in a way that works, improve your time management, write for university, and much more, head to our Student Advice and Learning Skills Centre

We are located on Glasnevin and on St Patrick’s Campus, and we can also meet with you online. We offer individual appointments, workshops, and a vast amount of online resources through DEVELOP, our Digital Resource Hub. It is up to date and easy to find through Loop. Log on and check it out. 

For support with assignment writing, and to develop your academic writing skills, you can book an appointment with the Writing Centre

If you are taking maths-based modules, the Maths Learning Centre can be an excellent resource. Just go in and ask them for a hand.

The DCU Library offers individual advice, workshops and online resources to help you find the information you need to complete your assignments or prepare for your exams. 

If you have to repeat any modules or exams, or maybe even the full year, try not to stress too much. You are not alone, many people have travelled this path, and there is a lot of support available to you. 

Your Lecturers and Tutors

Remember that your lecturers and tutors are here for you too. Care & Connect goes right across campuses and courses. Our staff are accessible and want you to be engaged. So don’t be afraid or self-conscious about emailing them, or hanging back to talk after a lecture or tutorial.

Additional Supports

Did you know that you can access supports via our Disability and Learning Support Service if you receive a diagnosis before or during your studies? Read more our our Inclusive Learning Environment and the work we are doing in the Our Inclusive Community section. 


  1. Academic Study Skills resources on DEVELOP
  2. The Writing Centre Toolkit on DEVELOP
  3. LETS: Library E-Tutorial for Students