LETS: Library E-Tutorial for Students

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Complete LETS tutorials online

LETS is a series of online tutorials for students to help you to locate, evaluate and use information effectively.

There are 3 main sections:
  LETSbegin, LETSfind and LETScite.
Each section has several modules to complete.
You can view each module separately if you have a specific question or view them all.  

LETS is hosted on Loop, you will need to login to access the tutorials


LETSbegin 2 modules:

LETSbegin will:

  • introduce you to the different types of information sources you will be using while studying in DCU, explain the differences between them and the advantages of each
  • show you how understand your module's reading lists and use the reading lists to locate books and journal articles in the Library
  • show you how to access DCU Library's online resources when you're off-campus


LETSfind 4 modules:

LETSfind will show you how to search for and evaluate information for your assignments outside of your modules' reading lists.
          You will learn how to: 

  • run simple and more advanced searches with the Library's journal databases
  • find articles using Library Search
  • use Google Scholar and become familiar with our tips and tricks for better Web searching
  • make sure you're finding the most appropriatehigh-quality information you need for your assignments 


LETScite 4 modules:

LETScite will help you to:

  • understand what plagiarism is and the importance of always acknowledging the work and ideas of others
  • paraphrase or quote information in your assignments correctly by citing your sources using the correct citation style
  • develop a reference list of the sources used in your assignments using the correct citation style
  • be aware of the benefits of reference management tools and how to use Zotero to manage your references

Information for lecturers

You can easily integrate LETS with your modules. You can either embed them as optional supports for students or you can fully integrated them as compulsory part of the curriculum. Setting it up is easy: your Subject Librarian can advise you on this.  

LETS is produced by DCU Library and is licensed under CC BY (you may copy, redistribute and adapt this work but you must give appropriate credit). Contact us to request the working files.