Requesting Resources for Teaching

Online Resources

Requesting Resources for Teaching

DCU Library has an extensive collection of Ebooks, online journals and databases to support and enhance online and blended teaching and learning. Our approach to purchasing is digital-first to maximise timely and equitable access for students.


Reading Lists – Books

We will purchase an eBook where available and affordable. When it is not possible to purchase a particular textbook or monograph in e-format or at a manageable cost, print will be purchased. We encourage you to consider recommending an existing Ebook from our vast collection of Ebooks where a title is unavailable.

Your Subject Librarian can also help you source alternative titles that are available for purchase in Ebook format.

Check Library Search for existing Ebooks. You might also consider using a freely available OER textbook.

To order a book/Ebook use the Online Order Form



Reading Lists - Digital Scans for Reading List Chapters/ Journal articles

To support reading list requirements the library has launched a new service where digital scans of key chapters can be sourced for you. This new service allows for scans from owned and non-DCU owned items (both print and eBook chapters, extracts and journal articles also) to be made in compliance with copyright laws.

The library will provide you with a URL to the digital scan and you are permitted to place the link on your module page in Loop.



New Journal Titles or Databases

Currently, new subscriptions to journals and/or databases may only be purchased where cancellations of equivalent value are made. The Library maintain a list of requests for new subscriptions. This list is reviewed annually and when and if budget permits, purchasing decisions are made on a priority basis. Schools can consider funding a subscription which will be administered by the library. Contact your Subject Librarian with suggestions or to discuss. In the case of databases, it may be possible to request a trial for a short period for evaluation purposes.