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DCU Library subscribes to over 76,000 e-journals and over 140 databases.  Some of the most popular ones include


A-Z Journals and Journal Articles

Journal articles are excellent sources of scholarly information because they provide very in-depth, up-to-date coverage of a subject. They are typically very structured and written by experts in a given field. Crucially, journal articles that appear in scholarly academic journals are "peer-reviewed" which means they have been critically reviewed and evaluated by a panel of experts before being approved for publication. All of this means that you are assured of excellent quality of information in a published journal article.

To see if we have access to a specific journal, look up the title using the Journal Finder (Library Search).  If we have the title, you will be able to link to it online or, in the case of print journals, you will see where it is shelved in the library.

When you have a reference to a specific journal article that you would like to read, first search the Journal Finder (Library Search) using the journal title. If access is available online, follow the link to locate the journal article using the year, volume and issue and page number.

If you don’t have a specific reference but want to search for articles within a specific journal, you can search for the title and then use the ‘search inside this journal’ feature to find articles by keyword/topic.

Find Articles

If you want to find journal articles on a topic, you can use the New Search tab. New Search allows you to search across many of our databases at once. This is great for multi-disciplinary searches or to start off your research. If you want results more tailored to your discipline, choose an appropriate database from the A-Z Databases list

A-Z Databases

Databases are incredibly powerful engines that allow us to search the content of thousands of journal articles by keyword, as well as provide us with electronic access to the full text of many of them. Some databases are multi-disciplinary whilst others are discipline-specific.  Choose a database to search from the A-Z Databases  list.  

DCU students and staff can access these resources both on and off campus.