Develop your students’ information and digital literacy skills

The Library is committed to partnering with you to develop and design appropriate strategies to build your students’ information literacy skills and knowledge. The skills required to formulate a research question, find quality information, critically evaluate, manage and use that information effectively are critical to your students succeeding academically, as critical thinkers and as independent learners in an increasingly complex digital environment. 

These skills are best developed within the context of a specific programme of study where students can develop and practice their skills and knowledge over time. They are also effective when classes are linked to a specific focussed assignment requiring research either within the domain of their discipline or across multiple disciplines and scholarly sources.

Your Subject Librarian will work with you to design appropriate classes, activities and assessments tailored to meet your specific learning goals and activities.  We do schedule some generic classes throughout the year that students can attend independently of their programme for example, we run a popular class on using our bibliographic management software tool called Zotero.  Students can view these classes on our Classes & Workshops calendar.


Library Teaching 2020/2021

All library classes and one-to-one consultations will be delivered online in semester one. This will be reviewed ahead of the beginning of semester two.  Our approach is to deliver a pre-recorded (asynchronous) or live online session (synchronous) or a combination of both. We also offer online learning materials and guides for independent individual learning that you can recommend to your students. You may also want to integrate some of these materials into your own teaching and/or module pages in Loop.

Book an online class for your students - complete our online booking form.

Graduate Research Students

The Library offers a range of workshops aimed specifically at research students. These workshops are scheduled as part of the university’s Graduate Training Programme (this will link to page on Grad Training in the research pages).