Library Publications & Policies

DCU Library continues to develop a range of policies and publications.
These inform and shape our strategic direction. 
These include:

DCU Library Statement of Strategy 2020-21 - e-version

DCU Library Strategy 2017-19

The aim of these regulations is to ensure that a suitable study and learning environment is maintained throughout the library for all users.  They require all users to take responsibility for their own behaviour and give due consideration to the needs of other library users. 

Library Membership

  • Library membership is conferred automatically on all registered students and University staff.   External membership is available at the discretion of the University Librarian.
  • If requested by a member of the library staff, users must show their current University Identity Card (staff and students) or Library Membership Card (others) at any time in the Library.  These cards must also be shown at the Issue Desk by users wishing to borrow any library material.  It is a breach of library regulations to allow another person to use one's Identity Card or Membership Card in connection with any use of the Library, or to use another person's card.  Breaches may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee, and the Library may retain cards for collection by their owners. 

Behaviour in the Library

  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode in the Library.  Calls can only be made or received on the ground floor of the library and conducted in a manner that does not disturb others.  All other areas are designated quiet zones and as such, users must refrain from making or receiving calls in these areas. 
  • Users must behave in an appropriate manner in the library. Noise should be kept to a minimum throughout the library, and a rule of silence is to be strictly observed in designated quiet study areas on the first and second floors.
  • Users must not cause any disturbance that is likely to distract or inconvenience others.
  • Users must not reserve reading/study places by leaving their belongings on tables of desks.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Library. This includes the use of e-cigarettes. Breaches of this regulation will be referred directly to the University Disciplinary Committee.
  • Food cannot be consumed in the library.  Water in non-spill bottles is permitted throughout the library. Hot or cold drinks (containers must have tops or lids) may be consumed on the ground floor only (except at workstations in the Information Commons).
  • Library stock, equipment and fittings must not be damaged, defaced, removed without authorisation, concealed or otherwise interfered with. Any such damage, removal, concealment, interference or loss of any Library item must be reported to the Library immediately. The user responsible may be required to make good any consequent temporary or permanent loss or damage. 


  • No materials may be removed from the library without having been borrowed using the library's express service point or Issue Desk service.
  • All items on loan are subject to recall at any time by the library.
  • Library items may normally be borrowed in accordance with the appropriate procedures. Certain items, however, are either confined permanently to the library, or are available only on a restricted basis. 

These regulations are the minimum consistent with the proper operation of library services for all members. Users who do not abide by the library regulations will be liable to a range of penalties including fines, referral to the Disciplinary Committee and/or withdrawal of library services


Details about external access and membership (TBC)

Mobile phones must be set to silent mode in the Library. Calls can only be made or received on the ground floor of the library and conducted in a manner that does not disturb others.  All other areas are designated quiet zones and as such, users must refrain from making or receiving calls in these areas.

Before entering the Library please ensure:

  • Ring tones are switched off
  • Key tones are switched off
  • Text message indicators are switched off
  • Vibrating tones are switched off

If the policy is breached, the following sanction will be imposed:

  • First breach  - a note of this offence will be kept on file
  • Second and subsequent breach: - €6 fine will be imposed, and borrowing rights will be suspended until the fine is cleared in full.

Library policy on children accompanying DCU registered library users

The Library recognises that DCU students and staff with children may need to bring their children to the library on rare occasions. Whilst the Library cannot facilitate children in general, it endeavours to offer the following support to these parents:

  • Children accompanying library users will be permitted into the Library for a short period only which would allow library users:
    • to return material, pay fines, collect a reserved item
    • to retrieve a book from the shelves
    • to avail of the photocopying service on the ground floor
    • to seek advice a the Library's Information Desk
  • During their brief visit to the Library, children must be fully supervised at all times by parents/guardians.
  • Parents/guardians are fully responsible for their child's health and safety while in the Library.
  • Children may not avail of the computers in the Library.
  • Users must be aware that the Library is for study and learning purposes and should leave the Library if a child's behaviour causes a disturbance to others.
  • Please note that because of restrictions imposed by the library's design, it may not be possible to allow access for some types of children's buggies or prams.

Groups of school children are occasionally invited to the St. Patrick's library, they will always be supervised by teachers or responsible adults, and visits are strictly by invitation only.

Library Safety Statement (pdf)

Fire Wardens:-

O'Reilly Library - Ellen Breen, Stephanie Collins, Miriam Corcoran, Paraic Elliott, Mags Lehane, Shauna McDermott, Geraldine McNamara, Claire Mason, Aoife Murphy and Siofra O'Loughlin 

Cregan Library- Nuala Murray, Patrick Dennan, Sophie Dowling,        Siobhán Nolan and Colm Priestley 

(updated September 2021)

Book Donations

DCU Library had temporarily suspended the acceptance of donated books/textbooks for our general collection. It is expected that this will remain in place until early 2023.  

September 2022

DCU Library conforms to national copyright regulations.  Details of how to make permitted copies are available here.

Special Collections & Archives - Collection Development Policy

DCU Library manages DCU Press, an open access publishing press. 

Details about the Press and making a submission can be found here.