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Communications + Marketing in brief

PR + Communications |

We work with all departments, faculties, schools and individual academics to promote the work of the university. We also manage research communication, provide media training, and handle all media queries, releases, statements and Freedom of Information requests.

Marketing |

We manage branding, graphic design and videography needs across campus. If you are thinking of running a promotional campaign or need graphic design guidance or help with videography, please contact us. Brand resources (Powerpoint, logos etc) are on our website here.

Digital Communications |

We help with social media and web content training and support, organise photography and run the website. We also run the main social media channels for DCU so if you’ve got something to promote, get in touch. Please take a moment to review our social media policy here.

University Events |

If you are thinking of hosting an event and need guidance on creation, policies or promotion, please get in touch. And please consider volunteering with us to meet new colleagues from across all campuses - it’s a great opportunity to get to know DCU.

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