Barnacogue N.S. (S.N. Shéamais)

Barnacogue NS

‘Pupils are encouraged to explore their creativity through both the natural environment & 21st century learning skills.’

Barnacogue N.S. is situated in the rolling hills between Ireland West Airport and Swinford, Co. Mayo. A DEIS, rural school from Junior Infants to 6th with two mainstream classes. Junior Infants to 2nd class in one room and 3rd to 6th class in the other. The school has a forest beside them which lends itself to creative and exciting Forest Fridays.

Student voice and agency is integral to the school with a student council in which each child is offered the opportunity to sit on. The council has a Chairperson and Secretary, who meet regularly to discuss issues in the school and plan events. The school also has two new Playground Leaders each week who are tasked with organising the active mornings in the playground every day. Project based learning is integral to the fostering of student voice at the school.

Student leadership is evident in all aspects of Barnacogue N.S., the senior students have a Buddy in the Junior Room. Buddies support each other in their learning and various activities throughout the year. Of considerable importance in the school, are opportunities for the students to work in groups to research, plan, learn, develop, and present projects. The children rotate the role of leader in these groups and organise events with the community. The Buddy system supports the school embedding the pillar of empathy. With this pillar, the school has a daily Agent of Empathy prize.

The school places a big emphasis on SDG 13- Action to Combat Climate Change and Its Impacts’. This is linked to the Green Flag Initiative, wherein the school is working towards its 6th Green Flag, which focusses on Global Citizenship- Litter and Waste

This school is a very inclusive school, with all children given equal opportunities and all voices are heard. The school is part of a Creative Cluster with two urban schools - one Special School and one Educate Together School. The theme of their project is ‘Growing Together in Friendship and Creativity'

Barnacogue N.S. is a proud DCU Changemaker School.