Vision, Mission and Aims

Vision: An Ireland where all children can be changemakers


Our mission: 

The DCU CSN as a school-university partnership will promote school cultures which underpin the pillars of empathy, creativity, leadership, and teamwork. The network will work with schools to nurture and develop the agency and empowerment of children. Children within the DCU Changemaker Schools will be supported to take ownership of their own learning and make purposeful and ethical contributions to the world as changemakers.



Developing the skills of empathy, creativity, leadership, and teamwork

Supporting the development of children’s identity as changemakers

Promoting education as a public good, a human right for individuals and communities and as a force for transformation

Equality, social justice, inclusive practice, and critical global citizenship 


Strategic Goals

  1. Develop the capacity of the DCU Changemaker Schools Network to share and celebrate best practices in domains related to changemaker identity, changemaker activities, empathy, teamwork, creativity, and leadership.  

  2. Build the research capacity of the DCU Changemaker Schools Nerwork with a view to e examining and sharing best practices both within and beyond its underpinning four pillars and its focus on changemaker practices. 

  3. Build the DCU Changemaker Schools Network as a community of practice which has concrete and specific value to the professional work of its members. 

  4. Work with the DCU Ioe to enrich the learning experience of students, teacher and school leadership

  5. To foster and develop the DCU school-university partnership

  6. Promote the DCU Changemaker Schools Network to maintain, develop and identify strategic partnership and to inform future education policy and practice 

  7. Advance, develop and scale the network of DCU Changemaker Schools