Let's Stand

Since 2016, LET’s Stand has empowered and supported teachers to empower thousands of young people in Ireland and across the world to find, develop and use their voice. Through books, courses, and an ever-expanding suite of supports, LET’s Stand continues to stay true to its vision of encouraging, enabling, and empowering young people to clearly and confidently express their ideas, thoughts, stories and feelings.

In recent years, LET’s Stand has collaborated with Education Course providers to design high-quality courses for teachers and schools and also with local development companies to provide social inclusion opportunities for primary school children and young people with intellectual disabilities.

The ‘LET’s Stand’ public speaking and oral language programme was created and designed by Teaching Principal, Dr. Siobhán Keenan Fitzgerald in response to a need she observed in her classroom and school to empower her students with the skills of proficient public speaking and clear communication.

LET’s Stand – Listen, Evaluate, Talk and Stand – is a structured, inclusive public speaking and oral language programme created initially for primary schools which has now been extended to secondary schools to support students with oral CBAs (Class Based Assessments) and as a complete TY Public Speaking Programme.

This structured programme facilitates the explicit development of listening, speaking, and evaluating skills, along with 12 public speaking skills that everyone can learn and practice if given the opportunity and support. Students are facilitated to develop their public speaking skills by progressing through the presentation of 10 projects a year at their own pace in a safe, supportive environment where all students are enabled, encouraged, and empowered to achieve their potential.

For all children’s lives as children, for connection and wellbeing, learning in school and out, life outcomes and employability, public speaking skill is a skill to mitigate disadvantage and positively impact social mobility and growth. In addition to building a real sense of confidence and communicative competence, it also nurtures and develops skills of empathy, creativity, and leadership 

If you can speak well, you can influence and if you can influence, you can change lives, your own and others. Speaking is power, speaking is freedom so let’s rise, let’s stand.

If you are interested in encouraging, enabling, and empowering young people to have their authentic voice heard, you can find out more at the following links:


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