Lundy Model

Lundy Model

The Lundy Model

Since 2014, the Lundy Model of child participation, based on the four key concepts (Space, Voice, Audience, and Influence), has been used an adopted national and international organisations, agencies and governments to inform their understanding of children's participation, generating a sea-change in global understanding of child rights-based participation for both policy and practice.

Article 12 of the UNCRC is often described under the banner of 'the voice of the child', 'pupil voice' or the 'rights to be heard', but these can misrepresent and indeed undermine the rights of children and young people.

In light of this, Professor Lundy, proposed a model for rights-compliant children's participation which offers a legally sound but practical conceptual Article 12 of the UNCRC. This model suggests that the implementation of Article 12 requires consideration of four inter-related concepts:

Space: Children must be given the opportunity to express a view

Voice: Children must be facilitated to express their views

Audience: The view must be listened to

Influence: The view must be acted on, as appropriate