Tarmon N.S.


Tarmon N.S. are one of our most rural schools.

One of our most rural schools in the Network, Tarmon N.S. has an autism centre consisting of two early intervention classes and three school age autism classes. 

Walking into the school has been described as ‘walking into a warm hug’ with the school having strong links with their community to support all of their work.

The school has an advocate for outdoor learning at all times with a large school garden and polytunnel, using their outdoor classroom to teach all about sustainability and biodiversity. Their active beehive supports the teaching of mathematics in a creative way, using honeycombs.

The school teaches farm safety, have completed the Farm Safe Schools Programme, and have even won the highest accreditation possible, the Super Star School Status. The school even has access to a real working farm. This farm is located beside the school and useful to teach about farm safety and other aspects of farm life.

The school engages the leadership of students as well as their entrepreneurial skills with their chicken coop. The coop which was designed and built by the students is the sole responsibility of the students. The students ‘mind’ the chickens during breaks, repair the chicken coop as necessary and collect the eggs for baking and also sell them. An honesty box has also been sent up in the school for staff to purchase the eggs. 

Inclusion and developing a school culture for all is a very salient feature of Tarmon N.S. with a focus on neurodiversity and reverse integration.

Tarmon N.S. is a strong DCU Changemaker School and a wonderful representative of rural schools. The school celebrates their student’s identity as Changemakers, at all times and is incredibly open to working with the other DCU Changemaker Schools.