School of Electronic Engineering

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Programmes

The DCU School of Electronic Engineering runs a four-year Level 8 programme in Electronic and Computer Engineering (DC190), and jointly with the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, a four-year Level 8 programme in Mechatronic Engineering (DC193).

All four DCU undergraduate engineering programmes share a common first year. An optional entry possibility for DC190 and DC193 is to select Common Entry to Engineering (DC200) and defer the choice of which engineering discipline to specialise in until your first year is complete. This option does not entail any extra time to complete whichever programme is chosen subsequently.

The common first year shared by all four engineering programmes means that students get a broad engineering introduction in the first year, including an opportunity to sample the different sub-disciplines that we offer, before going on to specialise in an electronic & computer engineering or mechanical engineering degree option in their second and subsequent years of study.

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