Global Challenges degree's 1st Sustainable Living Poster Presentation

Sustainable Living Poster Presentation - BSc in Global Challenges

As part of the Exploring Enabling Technologies and Solutions course (Global Challenges Programme), Dr Valesca Lima and Dr Rajani K. Vijayaraghavan organised a Sustainable Living Poster Exhibition on the 14th of March 2023 at the School of Electronic Engineering in the Stokes Building.


At this event, first-year Global Challenges students presented their Sustainable Living posters exploring sustainable living concepts at an individual level, with a focus on methods to assess one's ecological footprint and develop innovative ideas to support sustainable development. The event welcomed guests from departments across DCU who came to talk to students and hear more about their ideas and findings contributing to sustainable living.


Global Challenges is a course for students who want to challenge themselves to take on the world’s problems. Students explore the societal and economic impacts of new and emerging technologies, and their effect on the future of work, environmental impacts and community interaction. Students engage with concrete problems and explore solutions in areas such as climate change, gender stereotypes, fake news, global health and global inequality. This programme is shared with both the School of Electronic Engineering and the School of Law and Government in DCU.


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