The picture illustrates Mr. Kelleher talking to the DCU engineering students
The picture illustrates Mr. Kelleher talking to the DCU engineering students.

Qualcomm Ireland visit DCU's School of Electronic Engineering

Qualcomm Ireland visited the DCU's School of Electronic Engineering students and talked to them about engineering challenges, opportunities, Qualcomm and more.


We were delighted to have hosted Paul Kelleher (VP Engineering), Paul Ryan (Senior Director, Engineering Operations), John O’Shea (Engineering, Principal), Jessica Jack (Talent Acquisition) and Nauman Shahid (Engineer, Staff/Manager) of Qualcomm Ireland who have visited the School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University (DCU) on March 28th, 2023. The visitors have talked to our engineering students and have presented Qualcomm and its major engineering challenges and successes. 


The guests have also met Dr. Noel Murphy - Head of School, Prof. Derek Molloy, Dr. Ali Intizar, Dr. Kevin McGuinness and Dr. Brendan Hayes - all programme chairs and Prof. Gabriel-Miro Muntean - teaching and learning convenor and have talked to the researchers from the research labs led by Dr. McGuinness and Prof. Muntean.


About Qualcomm Ireland:

Qualcomm is a world-leading wireless technology innovator. Founded in 1985 by seven former colleagues, Qualcomm developed Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) which changed wireless communications. CDMA later became the foundation for all 3G networks worldwide. They have produced products for processors, modems, RF systems, connectivity and products based on the end-use applications of designs. Recently also producing the Snapdragon 8 an AI that delivers accelerated performance, unparalleled connectivity and more.