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Prof Barry McMullin retires from the School of Electronic Engineering

After many years of dedicated service, Professor Barry McMullin has retired from the School of Electronic Engineering at Dublin City University.

Joining the School of Electronic Engineering in 1987, Professor McMullin has had an impactful journey at the university. From 1999 to 2004, he served as DCU’s first Dean of Teaching and Learning. From 2013 to 2017, Professor McMullin served as the third Executive Dean for the Faculty of Engineering and Computing. He was appointed to the rank of Full Professor in October 2014. 

Professor McMullin’s research interests have evolved towards crucial topics such as sustainability, climate change, and energy system decarbonisation. His expertise in these areas led to advisory roles with Dáil Committees, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the field.  

Dr Noel Murphy, Head of School, School of Electronic Engineering said:

“Barry was an innovator and pioneer in the use of technology in education and educational settings. He was always a thoughtful, principled and innovative teacher, incredibly fair, and fully conversant with the nuances of academic regulations. Educated as an Electrical Engineer, he also benefitted from immersion in a legal milieu in his formative years. That combination of logic, rationality and systemic analysis, with the careful deployment of language for both force of argument and depth of understanding, were highly influential in the School, Faculty, and University in his nearly four decades in the University. Barry’s wisdom and academic leadership have been a great asset to all his colleagues in DCU and we hope to continue to benefit from these in his well-deserved emeritus role”

As Professor Barry McMullin enters retirement, we extend our gratitude for his years of hard work, innovation and excellence. 

Image from Barry McMullins retirement function

Prof Barry McMullin's Retirement Function


Prof Barry McMullin's Retirement Function

Prof Barry McMullin's Retirement Function