Primary Department
School of Electronic Engineering
Phone number: 01 700
Glasnevin Campus
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Academic biography

Stephen is a Professor of Electronic Engineering in the School of Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computing,  Dublin City University.

He has a background in gaseous plasma technology and has lead research teams investigating low pressure plasmas for semiconductor and biomedical device applications, atmospheric pressure plasmas for clinical and food processing decontamination applications, systems engineering and energy systems.

He is a Principal Investigator at the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology, and the AMBER SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research. He is the Director of the Cyber-physical Systems Laboratory and co-Director of the nanomaterials processing laboratory at DCU.

Research interests

Stephen's primary technical and scientific competence is in the area of plasma science and in particular technological applications of plasma. The focus of his research agenda is on the controlled delivery of exotic chemistries to surfaces in order to generate a specific chemistry, texture, morphology, or disruption. There are several scientific threads involved in this including; plasma source and reactor design, internal plasma parameter  and plasma chemistry estimation and measurement, plasma parameter control, plasma-surface interaction kinetics, surface etching and modification processes, surface layer and thin film deposition, surface disruption with an emphasis on biofilm, microbiology, and bio-plasma interactions.
Stephen also maintains and active research activity in the  design and analysis of energy systems, with a particular focus on (renewable) energy efficiency and energy management.
Mor recently Stephen has developed an interest the design of cyberphysical systems for remote environmental monitoring and control.