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School of Electronic Engineering

School of Electronic Engineering

Postgraduate Programmes

Case Studies

The following examples show just a few of the possibilities available in the School of Electronic Engineering for completing a postgraduate qualification.

  • Example 1 - You have just finished an undergraduate qualification or you have one year available from employment and you wish to update your skills during this period. Choose a full-time programme and complete it within the year (Graduate Diploma or Masters) or in six months (Certificate).
  • Example 2 - If you have permission to take one half day from work each week throughout the duration of each semester (12 weeks) you could choose the following:

    1 On-Campus + 1 WEB module/ semester = 4 modules completed after yr 1

    At this rate, you would be awarded the Graduate Certificate after 1 year. You would also have the option of continuing on with further modules to complete the Graduate Diploma or Masters Award.
  • Example 3 - If you are prepared to devote 2 years to complete a Masters you can do so by taking modules at the rate of 2 per semester. Mix and match to suit your interests and availability.
  • Example 4 - As part of your job you may have to travel abroad for much of one semester. This would interrupt your studies in a conventional course. Not on this one! You simply select a WEB course. That way you can maintain progress at the rate that suits you whatever your location.
  • Example 5 - You are unclear about the commitment that you can make and find it difficult to judge a programme because you have been away from study for some time or you are moving into this area from another? Start with one course and test the water. You can build up from there.