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School of Electronic Engineering

Postgraduate Programmes

Information for Existing Students

This page contains information, which is applicable to students who have already registered. Various resources will be placed online here throughout the year.

Online Module Links

All active modules have been listed below, with online notes linked where applicable. Module descriptor links have been provided for your convenience:
Important Note: Access to notes will be provided during the first week of each semester to provide a level playing field to all students. It will be provided on the day of the first lecture in that module - please check your DCU email during the first week. Please do not request access to notes before this time. Access will be granted based on your DCU username and password. More information will be provided to your via your DCU email accounts.

Module TitleOnline NotesModule Descriptor 
Semester 1
EE402: Object-oriented Programming for EngineersOnline MaterialDescription 
EE449: DSP (Digital Filters & DFT)Online MaterialDescription 
EE450: Communications TheoryOnline Material Description 
EE453: Image Processing & Analysis (with Project)
(Note: Passwords will be issued at the first class)
Online Material
(See Note)
EE500: Performance of Data NetworksOnline Material (Moodle) Description 
EE509: Data Network Protocol Analysis & SimulationOnline Material (Moodle*)Description 
EE535: Renewable Energy: Systems, Technology and EconomicsOnline MaterialDescription 
EE540: HDL/High Level Logic SynthesisOnline Material (Moodle*) Description 
EE541: Nano & Microelectronic Device ManufacturingOnline Material Description 
EE554: Image and Video CompressionOnline Material Description 
EE558: Advanced RF Circuit ModellingOnline Material Description 
EE559: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronic TechnologyOnline Material Description 
EE562: Network ProgrammingOnline Material Description 
Semester 2
EE417: Web Application DevelopmentOnline Material Description 
EE451: Mechatronic System SimulationCampus Only - Material Description 
EE452: Wireless and Mobile CommunicationsOnline Material (Moodle) Description 
EE454: Optical Communications System DesignOnline Material (Moodle)Description 
EE502: DSP (Signal Modelling & Compression)Online Material Description 
EE506: Fundamentals of Photonic DevicesOnline Material (Moodle) Description 
EE507: Entrepreneurship for EngineersOnline Material Description 
EE538: Secure Sys Admin & Internetwork SecurityOnline Material Description 
EE552: Broadband NetworksOnline Material Description 
EE544: Computer Vision
(Note: Passwords will be issued at the first class)
Online Material
(See Note)
EE563: Graphics and VisualisationOnline Material Description 
EE587: Plasma Process TechnologyOnline Material Description 
EE588: Semiconductor ManufacturingOnline Material Description 

Induction Presentation 2015/2016

Induction for new students took place on the first Monday of Week 1.  If you have missed the induction session or would like a copy of the presentation, please find the links below:


Postgraduate Student Calender/Lecture Timetable

Access to Notes

When you register, a number of things happen:

  • You are added to a 'Gdmeng' mailing list, which is the global mailing list for all taught postgraduate programmes within the School (next day). Note: This is your DCU email address (not that which you may have specified to the application system) - all correspondance with students is performed using their DCU email addresses.
  • You are added to the password files for each of the online modules for which you are registered. (next day) However, please note that lecture material will *NOT* be made available until the first lecture takes place on campus. Please do not request access to notes in advance of this time, as many lecturers are working on their course material, updating their notes.
  • At the beginning (ie. in the first week) students are added to the module mailing lists for which they are registered.  However, after this time, if you have registered late or if you have completed a change of module form, you should manually subscribe or unsubscribe lists appropriately.  This is your responsibility.  You can find links to module mailing list homepages above.
  • As there is a two week 'change-of-mind' period at the beginning of each Semester, during which students may change module selections, 'Guest' passwords are set up for some of the modules. However, for the majority of modules you should be able to access course material regardless of the modules for which you are registered. If you are having any problems regarding access, then please contact David Molloy directly to request access.
  • If you are registered incorrectly, you should contact the Registry at DCU to get your registration details amended.
  • If you are correctly registered, and/or are having problems with accessing notes, please contact David Molloy directly.

Masters Project Information

For full details regarding the Masters project please follow the link below:


Assignment Coversheet

The following attachment *must* be completed and attached to all assignment submissions:


Final Result Calculations

The following links provide information regarding the calculation of final result marks:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still haven't found the information that you are looking for? Check out the FAQ page and if that fails please don't hesitate to contact us.

General Postgraduate Information

The primary source of information about the taught postgraduate programmes offered within the School can be found here.  If you have any further questions, which aren't answered at this location, then please contact us.