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Remote Access - RACeE

Remote Access to Continuing Engineering Education

The RACeE web-based distance learning mechanism enables students to study courses via the Internet, using online notes, e-mail, electronic conferencing, online assessments, electronic tutorials and a host of other WWW tools.

Currently the majority of postgraduate modules have been deployed in an online format and can be taken almost exclusively via the Internet.  These modules have no requirement for attendance at lectures and continuous assessment can be performed remotely.  Students must submit their continuous assessment assignments (via the Internet) in line with the same deadlines as students who are attending.  

Remote students *MUST* sit their exams at Dublin City University together with the on-campus students.  There are two sets of exams throughout the academic year: one in mid January and the other in mid May.

It is important to note that all modules are NOT available through this remote mechanism and it is not necessarily possible to complete all combinations of programmes entirely through remote means.  As newer modules become available, these are selectively created in an online format, hence the number of remote modules is constantly growing. 

Students who attend on campus, either full-time or part-time also obtain access to the online notes and facilities.  One common approach taken by part-time students is to study their programmes through a hybrid combination of on-campus and remote learning.  For more examples of case-studies please visit the following page: