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International Engagement

The School is an internationally engaged unit whose best research output generates global impact.  In particular its research labs and centres are firmly embedded within the European research infrastructure and we have a longstanding record of leading or otherwise contributing to many European projects, research networks and COST actions. Further afield we have collaborative links with universities worldwide, including an exciting recent higher education partnership with Arizona State University.

From a professional perspective we are active within The Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the leading global professional organization in our discipline, and we host an IEEE Joint Chapter: the Dublin Electron Devices Society and the Ireland Photonics Society. Activities include a programme of regular IEEE Distinguished Lecturer seminars while our newly founded IEEE student branch is extending our activities to a new generation. In addition individual researchers are involved in a variety of professionally focused research activities such as serving on standardization committees.

Please click on the webpages of the individual labs and groups to learn more about their international activities. 

If you would like to discuss an international collaboration with our Faculty Members, call (01) 700 5431 or email our Research Convener.