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President's Award for Engagement 

2020 Winners
DCU President's Award Medal

President’s Award for Engagement is designed to celebrate the engagement of staff and students in the life of the wider community and to make awards for the top entries in the Staff and Student categories.

The award consists of four awards as follows:

    • President's Award for Engagement -- Staff Category  €1000
    • Special Merit Award-- Staff Category €500
    • President's Award for Engagement -- Student Category €1000
    • Special Merit Award-- Student Category €500



This award recognises outstanding contributions by staff and students to the engagement mission of DCU.  Engagement is defined widely to embrace civic engagement, public engagement, sustainability engagement and student engagement. Entries can cut across the various areas of engagement and these are outlined here purely as a guide.

 Civic engagement
These are initiatives involving community partners that are committed to social regeneration and community empowerment. It may also include direct engagement by students and staff in community development.
 Public engagement
Through public engagement, be it through the media or other avenues, DCU staff play an active role in the wider debates in society around the future of the city and the nation. Making a mark, making a difference are key attributes in this domain.
 Sustainability engagement
This area recognises the need to balance economic, environmental and social factors through all our activities, teaching and learning, research and innovation, our own campus operations as well as through our engagements with businesses and the community to create a sustainable future for all. 
 Student engagement
Students and student Clubs and Societies who are involved in activities which influence the wider community are asked to put themselves or their group forward for this award. This category includes charity work, volunteering, social enterprises or any other activity in which students engage at a local, national or international level.

Individuals or groups can self-nominate or they can be nominated by colleagues or community or other appropriate external agencies. Endorsements from community and enterprise partners are also of course welcomed.

The following are criteria by which the submissions will be judged: 
1: Fit with DCU Engagement Strategic Objectives
2: Internal Impact - Impact on the Wider DCU Community
3: External Impact - Community Relevance
4: Sustainability

All staff and students at DCU. All campuses are welcome to apply for this award. Individuals who have previously received an award must wait two years before being eligible again.

The selection process will be conducted by a panel established by the university's Civic Engagement Forum will comprise representatives from both academic and administrative staff,  students, as well as an external member. The President will sign off on the nominees put forward.

POSTERS (optional)
Nominees are invited to submit an electronic poster (preferably landscape) for display on the event webpage.  Electronic posters are optional.  If you wish your poster to be displayed on our event page, please email your poster in a PDF file format to by the 26th March 2020.

The President’s Award recognises the outstanding contributions of our staff and students, spotlighting excellence in the areas of Teaching, Research, Engagement and Innovation. If there are no nominees in a category, or if the nominees in a category do not meet the standards of excellence for a President’s Award, no award will be given in that category for that year.

The award should be transferred to the recipient’s research account, used for professional development, or in the case of a student, the monetary award should be used to support your studies or the Club/Society associated with the Award. 



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