Evan and Sean

Interview with Computing for Business Students

We spoke with talented Computing for Business students Evan and Sean about their final year project ‘Jobon’. The Final Year Projects Expo is a well-regarded annual DCU event that displays the Faculty of Engineering and Computing students’ amazing skills and knowledge, and allows them to showcase their projects to many employers.



While both working at home the previous summer, Evan and Sean struggled to find reliable tradespeople. This led them to the idea of creating a mobile app for property owners and tradespeople to connect with each other. As the previous apps in this field were very old-fashioned or lacking customer reviews, Evan and Sean completed their impressive project by modernising their app in comparison to others.


Evan and Sean described one of the biggest challenges they faced with developing their project which was using the Djano Framework. Django is a free open-source platform with a Phython-based web framework. Evan and Sean decided to use this framework as they had covered it in a number of modules. They said “It (Django) was a bit of a pain because it was really slow and really old now. I would say that was the biggest trouble we had”. Sean also added that “the time constraint” was tough with having to complete other assignments and reach deadlines at the same time.

Display of Jobon at Expo

Jobon display at the Final Year Project Expo


Evan and Sean discussed talking to companies such as Openet, IBM, Ergo, and Celcius at the Expo. Evan also said “I would say that we got a good few people who were very interested which was rewarding as well”. They also discussed how it was a great practice run for their presentation the following day.


They gained great feedback from employers, and Sean said “We had a guy come up to us who was critical on the technical side of things, and then we had people who were liking it, liking the interface, liking different aspects of it and asking different kinds of questions”. Evan and Sean were also offered interviews with one of the companies that attended the Expo.


Enterprise Computing:

We asked Evan and Sean about their highlights from their experience in studying Enterprise Computing at DCU, and Evan said that the final year project “takes you into what is required for the real world if you want to set up a business”. In terms of advice for incoming students, Sean said “You just come in as a fresh base, and if you put the work in, you will do well”.