Engineering and Computing Summer Camps at DCU

Engineering and Computing Summer Camps at DCU

This summer, the Faculty of Engineering and Computing at DCU welcomed 350 secondary school students to our Glasnevin campus to take part in a series of camps that exposed them to the exciting world of Computing and Engineering. Students from across Ireland , aged 13 - 15 years old, took part in these free, week-long camps.

The ICT Computing camp was designed for students interested in developing their coding skills and aims to foster an interest in technology as a future career. Activities included Minecraft Gaming, Application Development, and games designed to help in the development of Python programming skills.  The Faculty ran four weekly camps, with 260 children in attendance.

The Engineering camp ran for three weeks and targeted students interested in pursuing engineering. Students took part in numerous activities including a Microbit Treasure Hunt and an Egg Drop Challenge. In all, the Faculty welcomed 90 students from various schools across Leinster. 

All of our camp attendees took part in a campus tour and rounded up the week with a prize-giving ceremony and a pizza party!

Our Engineering and Computing camps were free for students thanks to the generous support of the Higher Education Authority and funding from the School of Computing and the School of Electronic Engineering at DCU.