This image shows secondary school students attending EE camp at the DCU sign
Photos by Kyran O'Brien

DCU Engineering Summer Camps 2024

A total of 73 secondary school students, all of whom were deeply interested in the STEM field, participated in the DCU Electronic Engineering Summer Camps this year. The camp welcomed both new students eager to explore the world of engineering, as well as returning attendees from previous years who opted for an accelerated programme.

The Engineering Summer Camps, financially backed by the School of Electronic Engineering at DCU and the Higher Education Authority, were provided free of charge to first through third-year students from schools in Dublin and surrounding areas. Over the course of the summer camps, half of the attendees were female and over a third of attendees were access students.

The three-week camps aimed to introduce and familiarise students with the field of engineering in an engaging and supportive manner. The first two weeks of the camps were for first-time attendees, while the third week was an accelerated camp for returning students looking to upskill in the field.

The camp, organised by Phil Smyth of Simply Science which focuses on engaging people of all ages in STEM-related activities, featured a variety of exercises led by Smyth and a team of undergraduate engineering students. One such activity was the Egg Drop Challenge, where teams constructed protective structures to shield an egg from damage as it was dropped from a height. Additionally, the accelerated camp for returning students was led by soon-to-be graduates, Kirsten Lee and Oisín Thurlow.

Upon building their knowledge and understanding of electronic engineering throughout each week, the students were organised into teams and were assigned to brainstorm innovative technologies that could be used to promote one of the seventeen UN sustainable development goals. The students were able to both learn about sustainable engineering principles and apply them to address real-world challenges through teamwork and collaboration.

Throughout each week, our camp attendees had the opportunity to explore the Stokes Building and the DCU Glasnevin Camps through guided tours given by student helpers. The camps concluded each week with a celebratory prize-giving ceremony, followed by pizzas at lunchtime and photography afterwards.