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DCU welcomes recipients of Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024

The Faculty of Engineering and Computing in DCU prepares to warmly welcome two recipients of the Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024, co-funded by the European Union project SyMeCo and Lero, the SFI Research Centre for Software. Dr. Syed Safi Uddin Qadri and Dr. Moyukh Laha, who were successful in their applications for this incredibly competitive and prestigious competition, will be joining the research team of Professor Gabriel-Miro Muntean at the DCU Performance Engineering Lab.

The Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship is one of the highest achievements a postdoc can achieve, and requires an intensive application process that takes almost six months to review. It attracts applicants from across the world and the entire procedure is internationally peer-reviewed. 

Speaking with Prof.Gabriel-Miro Muntean, who has published over 500 papers in prestigious international journals and has previously mentored over 20 postdoctoral researchers, he outlined how Dr. Syed Safi Uddin Qadri and Dr. Moyukh Laha will be involved in separate research projects under the umbrella of the School of Electronic Engineering and Lero. This research will be of great benefit to the Research Centre, University and applicants. 

Dr. Syed Safi Uddin Qadri’s research will be centred around the communication between UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in a 3D space; he will design mechanisms and schemes that will significantly reduce the energy consumption, communication requirements, latency, and increase the reliability of UAV-assisted networks. This project will also include collaboration with researchers from the University Warwick in the UK. 

Dr. Moyukh Laha will be partaking in a study focusing on optimising the distribution of extended reality content for education and training over the next-generation wireless networks. This project plans to disseminate its research outputs in diverse educational environments, including local schools, a practice that the faculty are excited to resume following the pandemic. 

Professor Muntean revealed how the projects were intentionally set to complement one another and hopes to maintain the school’s recent successes in these areas with the help of the Fellowship recipients. The two postdoctoral researchers are currently preparing their visas and are expected to arrive in DCU later on this year.


Marie Curie
Fellowship Recipients: Dr. Moyukh Laha, Dr. Syed Safi Uddin Qadri