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About EQI

EQI – The Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection is a designated Centre in the Institute of Education, Dublin City University, is the leading national research agency for teacher professional development in the areas of culturally responsive school evaluation, quality assurance and inspection. Established in 2006, EQI aims for excellence in a number of core areas:

  1. Leading national and international research in school evaluation, theory development and best practice.
  2. Forging strong and productive links with key national stakeholders in education across both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland including the Professional Development Service for Teachers , the Department of Education and Skills, the Department of Education (Northern Ireland) and the Inspectorates in both jurisdictions. Through such collaboration, EQI will continue to contribute to and develop vital capacity building interventions in key areas such as self-evaluation, cultural responsiveness and whole school policy development.
  3. Developing expertise in educational evaluation through contribution to and provision for undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral engagement at a national and international level.
  4. Providing research and consultancy services for organisations who are interested in examining the quality of programmes or processes.
  5. EQI has three research divisions. Please click for more information