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School Evaluation & Inspection specialises in researching approaches to the evaluation of organisational and professional practice in the education sphere. The centre is interested in external monitoring processes such as school inspection and the role of data in the evaluation of schools and teachers. It is also concerned with the development of the concept of school and teacher self-evaluation and the ways in which this process can, in conjunction with external accountability systems, drive change and improvement in professional practice. In consequence research in the centre explores the tension between accountability systems and organisational and professional development. The centre engages in collaborative research, both in Ireland and with international colleagues, around these teams.


The aim of School Evaluation & Inspection is to encourage the use of systematic evaluation to analyse and improve educational policy and provision.


  • to encourage and support research and in the evaluation field
  • to develop the evaluation skills of graduate students
  • to design and implement evaluation projects
  • to contribute to the scholarship of evaluation
  • to undertake the evaluation of educational policies, programmes and projects.
  • to undertake research and development work around supporting the emergence of self-evaluation capacity as a methodology of improved professional practice and organisational performance