EQI: Centre for Evaluation, Quality & Inspection
EQI: Centre for Evaluation,Quality & Inspection
Plenary session
Profs O'Hara, Hood and Anderson Speak at CREA VI Opening Plenary

Prof Joe O'Hara speaks at CREA VI Plenary

EQI Director, Prof Joe O' Hara spoke at the opening plenary session of the 6th Annual Centre for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment Conference (CREA) hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Prof Joe O'Hara spoke at the opening plenary session of the 6th Annual CREA Conference this evening. Emphasing the deep and long established links between CREA at the University of Illinois and EQI, Prof O'Hara spoke of the importance of the developing field of CRE to educational researchers and practitioners in Europe and beyond. He also highlighted the work that EQI is currently undertaking with the support of the EU Erasmus + programme in the areas of culturally responsive assessment and school leadership.The full video of Prof O'Hara's contributions will be available at https://crea.education.illinois.edu/ in the coming weeks.