Dr Michał Wieczorek

IRC Government of Ireland fellow

Michał Wieczorek is an IRC Government of Ireland Fellow. His project is entitled “AI in Primary and Secondary Education: An Anticipatory Ethical Analysis” deals with prospective developments in the use of artificial intelligence in education and their ethical impact. Before commencing the fellowship, Michał was a PhD student at DCU and an Early Stage Researcher in the EU-funded PROTECT project. In his doctoral research, he studied the ethics of self-tracking technologies (e.g., Fitbits, Apple Watches) with the help of John Dewey’s pragmatist philosophy and focused on their impacts on autonomy, social relations and justice. He previously studied philosophy at the University of Warsaw and KU Leuven.

Michał’s research interests include technology ethics (in particular big data and AI ethics), the use of AI in education, self-tracking technologies, research ethics, pragmatism, philosophy of education, virtue ethics and critical theory.