PhD Students

Dr Daniel Crean

Ethics of Teaching Research Integrity

Danny is an assistant professor in Veterinary Medicine in University College Dublin, Ireland. He has a background in the biomedical sciences from undergraduate through to PhD degrees, and more recently completed...

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Melissa Campbell

Ethics of Large Language Models

Melissa's research focuses on ethical issues arising from Large Language Models. She received an applied social data science postgraduate diploma from Trinity College Dublin. 

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Mark Farrell

Ethics of Archives and Records Management

Mark Farrell holds an MA in Ethics from DCU/MDI. He is a professional archivist and records manger and member of several professional associations including the Archives & Records Association and ...

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Paul Kuyer

Ethics of Digital Nudging

Paul Kuyer works as a PhD candidate on the ethics of digital nudging at Dublin City University. He is part of the International Training Network PROTECT. He has a background in philosophy, economics and business ...

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Jeanne Magnetti

Ethics of Carbon Pricing

Jeanne has a background in policy research and nonprofit management. She received a BA in International Relations from the State University of New York at Geneseo and an MA in International relations ...

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Mahon McCann

Ethics of Social Media Technology

Mahon McCann was awarded the DCU School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music scholarship for 2022. His background is in philosophy, economics, and writing.

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Sukanja Shukla


Sukanya Shukla

Ethics of nudging as a response to the climate crisis

Sukanya Shukla has recently completed her MSc in Philosophy of Science from London School of Economics. Prior to her postgraduate education at LSE, she obtained an undergraduate degree in Physics from ...

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