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Institute of Ethics

International Student Workshop, Yenepoya University Mangalore, India

Workshop for International/India Students on Ethics (W.I.S.E) at Yenepoya University Mangalore, India

This one-day workshop was planned, organized and executed by the students of Yenepoya University. After registration, the poster presenters were given an hour to put up their respective posters on display. Prof Dr Bert Gordijn (Director, Institute of Ethics, Dublin City University, Ireland), Prof Dr. Anne Scott (Vice President for Diversity & Equality, National University of Ireland, Galway), Prof Dr. Rekha PD (Deputy Director, Yenepoya Research Centre) and Fr. Teji (Director, Snehasadan) judged the posters. 25 poster entries were put up. The main workshop began at 10 AM with Prof Dr. Bert Gordijn (Director, Institute of Ethics, Dublin City University, Ireland) engaged the undergraduate students with a discussion on UNESCO’s Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights (UDBHR). 80 students registered for the workshop. Following the discussion, the students were divided in groups of 10 each and given case scenarios on which to apply the UDBHR tool. The case scenarios included ethical issues in end-of-life (the case of Venkatesh), ethical issues in research ethics (the ReAnima project), ethical issues in assisted reproductive technology (surrogacy) (the case of baby Manji) and ethical issues in HIV medicine (the case of Satyappa). In the post lunch session, the debate competition was conducted. Since there were more than 8 team entries, there was an elocution - based screening round. This was followed by a round of 8, then a round of 4, from which the top three teams were chosen. Prof Dr Bert Gordijn, Ms Kavita Bhupta Ghosh, best - selling author and teacher at Delhi Public School, Bengalur u, and Prof Dr Nagesh KR, Forensic Medicine, Fr Muller Medical College & Charitable Hospital judged the debate competition. All prize monies were sponsored by Mr. Farhaad Yenepoya. In all, 115 medical, dental and nursing students were exposed to the concept of bioethics in healthcare. 

International Student Workshop 1

International Student Workshop 2

International Student Workshop 6

International Student Workshop 3

International Student Workshop 4

International Student Workshop 4


International Student Workshop 7

International Student Workshop 5

13th November, 2017