Press release: Ethical aspects of the biologicalisation of manufacturing

A new research paper on the ethical aspects of the biologicalisation of manufacturing authored by academics from the Institute of Ethics, Biodesign Europe and the Fraunhofer has highlighted the significant potential of the “biologicalisation” of global manufacturing, and the ethical questions that arise from it, pointing out the need for further research and analysis in order to contribute to policy on overall best practice. 

The paper, involving lead authors Dr Fiachra O’Brolcháin, Prof Bert Gordijn, Prof Nicholas Dunne, Executive Director Biodesign Europe and Prof Gerry Byrne (UCD & Fraunhofer) set out to provide a preliminary exploration of the ethical challenges associated with biologicalisation, focussing on how we might understand biologicalisation, the goals associated with it and the myriad ethical questions that arise in relation to it. To read the full article please see here.