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Withdrawing from the University

Each year, for various reasons, some students do not complete their programme of study.  Sometimes students accept a place at University and then change their minds and decide to take a year out and work or travel. 

If you do decide to withdraw at the start of or during the year, you should first discuss with Student Support Development, it is simply not enough to just talk to your course Supervisor. 

There are structures in place to support students who may be withdrawing due to personal difficulties and may not see any other option.  There may, however, be many options open to you. 

You may need advice and guidance on what to do next or the impact that withdrawing will have on your fees now and in the future (see fee implications below).    

If you are registered for the current academic year you will need to withdraw officially from the University by logging into your Student Apps page - My Details (i-enabler log in) return your Student ID Card to the Registry Office and lastly check with the Fees Office to ensure you have no fee liability outstanding.


1. Students who withdraw before 31st October - Liable to pay 50% of the Student Contribution Fee, no HEA tuition fee will be claimed.

2. Students who withdraw before 31st January - Liable to pay 50% of the Student Contribution Fee in addition 50% HEA tuition fee will be claimed.

3. Students who withdraw on or after 1st February - Liable to pay 100% Student Contribution Fee in addition 100% HEA tuition fee will be claimed.


Students who officially withdraw/defer up to 31st January inclusive are liable for payment of 60% of the total course fee.

Students who officially withdraw/postpone examinations  on or after 1st February are liable for payment of the full tuition fee.


Semester 1:

Students who withdraw/defer during semester 1 are liable for 60% of the total fee due.

Semester 2:

Students who withdraw/postpone examinations during semester 2 are liable for 100% of the total fee due

NOTE:  Students who are refused a SUSI grant/Third Party Funding  are fully liable to pay these fees.

Student accounts with outstanding fees at the end of the academic session will be referred to a third party collection agency.

Medical Fee Waiver:

The following fees apply to students who are deferring/repeating on medical grounds and returning to the same programme the following year.

1. Students who defer a full academic year on medical grounds will be required to pay the full Student Contribution Fee upon returning to the University.

2. Students who defer a semester on medical grounds will be required to pay half of the Student Contribution Fee.

3. Students repeating a semester on medical grounds will be asked to pay €55 per credit plus the relevant Student Levy.  If they wish to appeal these repeat fees, they should fill out the relevant medical fee waiver form.


Upon returning to the College, students will be asked to provide a letter from their Consultant stating that they are fit to return to study.  No other form of documentation will be accepted for an application for a waiver on medical grounds.  Each case will be examined individually please print off medical fee waiver form.


 Repeat/Deferred Student Fees:

Students wishing to repeat an entire year of study, or attend selected subjects or modules that they have previously deferred or failed should only pay the following amounts:

Repeat and attend Module:

EUR55.00 per ECTS credit plus EUR170 LEVY CHARGE (all part time programmes)
EUR55.00 per ECTS credit plus EUR277 LEVY CHARGE (all Full time programmes)

 Re: Submission of Taught Masters Disseration:

In order to avail of the special dissertation fee of €475 plus levy students must only have minor changes to make on their dissertation.

They must be ready to submit by 1st December as registration is only for 3 months and not a full academic year. This rate applies to taught masters only.

All others must pay for the equivalent 30 credits for deferrals