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DCU Governing Authority

Siobhán Nic Thaidhg studied the DCU Joint Honours programme with subjects Media Studies and Irish. She is 21 years old and comes from Ballinamore in South County Leitrim.  She has a passion for performing arts and being in front of the camera having been involved in numerous DCU Drama and DCU Media Production Society productions. She has been very involved in college life during her three years sitting on committees including Cumann Gaelach DCU as Oifigeach Siamsaíochta, on Raising and Giving Society DCU as volunteer coordinator and on the Society Life Committee as secretary. She also represented her class as a class representative in Final Year.

Other than performing on stage, Siobhán is passionate about hiking, watersports and baking. She travelled to Tanzania in 2012 to conquer Mount. Kilimanjaro with three of her secondary school classmates and raised over €8,000 for Crumlin Children’s Hospital and the North West Hospice.

Since the incorporation, two new full time positions have been added to the Students’ Union. It has grown from President, Vice-President for Education and Vice-President for Welfare and Equality to the three listed with the added Vice-President for Engagement and Development and Vice-President for Education and Placement. Siobhán is the second person to hold the position of VP for Engagement and Development. It is a role in it’s infancy but Siobhán is determined to define the role and give it the status it’s deserve. She will be focusing on the class rep system, volunteering, sustainability, the Irish Language and engagement with the community. She sits on university committees such as the Quality Promotions Committee, the new NStEP (National Student Engagement Programme) committee, the DCU Healthy committee and the OSL (Office of Student Life) committee.

Siobhán recognises the value of being involved in extra curricular activities and college life in general and the opportunities DCU can offer and wants to inspire students to do the same. She is delighted to have been elected by the student body to serve their needs for the year and to sit on Governing Authority on their behalf.